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 We Small Gallery that feature original art from variety of Artist with works that  including oil Painting, watercolor Painting, acrylics, mix media , metal fabrication, giclee, photography, and more. Artists represented are local, national, and international.

In addition to wall art, we carry an array of art glass, woodworking, bronze sculpture, jewelry, fabrics, and stemware from some of the finest craft people in the world.

At Outback Fine Art Gallery we won’t attempt to tell you what that certain something is, but we will provide you with a variety of original and very-limited edition works of art to choose from.  Outback Seeks out Original vintage , antique and rare pieces of art from Estates sales, auction web sites around the world. We embrace different mediums and genres – we love their diversity!  Our Artworks inspire first-time buyers and avid collectors alike because of their ability to capture what cannot be defined.

The best thing of all is a combination of the surprising and the beautiful.”

– Beethoven