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Name: Sunshine          Sex: Male,(named after a Australian town)          Joey Color: Platinum Mosaic - Double Het Leucistic/Creme-ino           OOP: 04-18-11     (Temperament:sweet, LITTLE Crabby  in pouch)   Status: For Sale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Baby Alpha          sex: Male          Joey Color: Mosaic Platinum Het Leucistic and Creme-ino          OOP 6/18/12  (Temperament: Sweet - Shy)            Status: For Sale   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Baby Matlock          Sex:Male                                      Joey Color: Grey 100% Het Leucistic                                      BABY M OOP 8-22-12 (Temperament: Sweet ,calm out of pouch , very queit)         Status: For Sale 

With each Purchase you will receive:
Birth Certificate / Lineage (If Applicable- Non breeders will not receive)
Joey Progress Report
Copy of Signed Contract & Health Guarantee
Sugar Glider Helpful Bonding Page
Sample of Joey’s Favorite Food & Treats
Recipe Printout – Exotic Diet
Safe Fruit & Veggies Handouts
Glider safe bonding Pouch and Sleeping bag
Contact information for 24 hour, Lifetime Support.

          see a Video of the Babies In Action -VIDEO OF BABIES

------------I LOVE My Gliders !!!!---------- here are my past joeys --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gone to thier forever homes------------------------------------------------------

Leucistic sugar glider joeys white - outbackgliders.comBaby Queenie ontop of Sleeping Layla (Babies A and B)

3rd Gen WFB 100% Leu Het with leucistic  twin joeVictoria  with Her Babies Simbu and Darwin (C and D)

 www.outbackglider.com , Leucistic sugar glider joeySimbu                                                                            Baby C at 8 Weeks

http://www.outbackglider.com/Leucistic sugar glider joeys white - outbackgliders.comDarwin 
Baby D at 8 weeks

Gambier                                                                       Baby G at 8 weeks

Hawley                                                                        Baby H at 8 weeks

Sweet Lovable Isa -Doesn't Like her cage at all ...

Isa - Loves Going outside and Chasing Butterfies

 Isa -

ISA_ hanging out waiting to be Adopted

Baby "L" Leonora is a 3rd Generation WFB 100% Leu Het   

MacKays Lil Girl Baby N,  is Mosaic with her one black dot on her Ear

Temperament Scale
1 - Excellent Extremely friendly and calm.  Joey enjoys be held.
2 -  Good Friendly but Hides, without extreme crabbing or acting jittery and shy. 
3 - Satisfactory ,will be curious and alert and will jump and play and sometimes fidget when held.
4 - Needs Improvement Slightly protective and defensive. Will crab when first woken or picked up but will calm down when getting to know its new owner and Surroundings. Joey will be shy and slightly skittish.

These are the Joeys currently available for adoption.  All of my joeys come with a bonding pouch, birth certificate, care sheet, pedigree, Personal Growth records , sample Staple food (Biscuits )and a one week supply of ZooKeepers Secret or Sugar Glider Cereal (to use while they become acclimated to the diet of your choosing).  And Month Supply of Vitamins. A Diet Sheet and all the post-adoption support that you may need. They are handled every day and will be sweet joeys by the time adoption day arrives. Please make sure you follow the proper acclimation and bonding procedures when taking your new Joey home (This can be read on my glider care sheet page). All joeys are at least 8 weeks OOP and fully weaned prior to going to their new parents. I reserve the right to wait longer than 8 weeks if I feel necessary to do so if they are not ready to leave their parents and my care. Sugar gliders are not for everyone so please do all your research before deciding to adopt!! To view pictures of my joeys up for adoption, their parents, and my whole glider family, please visit my Photo Gallery and My Glider Family. To view their pedigrees and color abbreviation key, please visit my  Linage/ Pedigrees on my web site . 

*Health Certificates are available upon request for an additional $48 (See Adoption Policies for more details)                      

Baby Hawley ... (Baby H) disappointed to find out she isn’t a Platinum Mosaic


All sugar gliders purchased from Outback Gliders are guaranteed to be health for a period of 7 days, from the time of delivery/arrival to their new forever home.  This guarantee will be void and null if any of the babies are harmed due to improper placement of the cage, improper handling, another family pet, or any situation brought about the new owner.  During this 7 Day period, if your new Joey exhibits abnormal behavior or diarrhea, please contact me or a Vet immediately.

All deposits are non refundable.  A deposit of one-third of the total price of the joeys will be required to hold a Joey until it is weaned and ready to go to their new forever homes.  If a buyer backs out of a sale at anytime, the buyer will forfeit the deposit.  The only exception to this rule is if the buyer decides to buy a different Joey from Outback Gliders.

Please see our adoption policies page for waiting list applications,and FAQs

Sugar Glider Prices by color:

Grays $250 -$350

White faced Blonde (WFB) $350-450 Depends on Generations

Leucistic $600 to $1200

Grey 100% Leu Hets $400- $600 Depends on Generations and Lineage 

WFB 100% Leu Hets $500.00 -$700 Depends on Generations and Lineage 

Mosaic - $600 - $2,500 Depends on Color and  Lineage 

Discounts for multiples and return customers


Mosiac -this category is very broad. Mosaics are gliders come in many forms, and fall short of  what’s considered t normally present. They can have minimal markings such as white hands and feet, almost pure white.

Masked Mosaics-Masked mosaics are a newer look to the mosaics that we have been seeing. The masked mosaics have a white blaze that goes from their nose, to inbetween their eyes. It is a unique look that we find to be very stunning!

Piebald Mosaics- or   Kaleidoscope (Pictured Above) is a very unique in that he has large patches of color on an otherwise white coat.

Powdered Mosaics-Powdered Mosaics tend to look very normal while young, as they get older their entire body powders over. They don't even look like the same glider afterwards.

Platinum Mosaics-Platinum Mosaics are very similar to a white mosaic (almost pure white), except they have a light platinum cast on their backs or entire body.

Ringtail Mosaics-Ringtail mosaics are stunning looking sugar gliders. A true ringtail mosaic has several distinct rings on the tail.

White Tips-White tip gliders can greatly vary from just a few white hairs on the tip, to almost half the tail. As we continue to breed we may see the tips become even larger

Banded White Tips-Banded white-tips are our newest color variation we have. They sprung from our MEGA white tip line. Our banded white-tip female has a white tip, a black ring, then another white ring. We are currently working on expanding this line, and learning how it is produced.

Albino-Albino sugar gliders are pure white with red eyes.

Cremeino-Creme-ino Sugar gliders are another form of albanism. These sugar gliders have a cream body and stripe, with darker ruby colored eyes.

Platinum/Platinum Champagnes-Platinums are a newer color that are not commonly produced. They have a light silver, almost powdered body, with faint markings. Platinum Champagnes are the same gene, but have a stunning mixture of platinum and champagne coloring.

Black Beauties-Black beauties are your classic color, with extremely dark charcoal markings.

Cinnamons-Cinnamons are also a variation of classic greys with very red markings. They can appear very light or dark red.

Lions- Lions are also a variation of grey, having a golden honey color body, and typically a round face.

RESCUES -IN the event you can afford one of my gliders or you care to rehome a gliders thats lost its home or You need to give your glider up- there are several rescue homes in Maryland - visit the following site for Local rescue home

Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary (410) 418-8899 10790 Old Frederick Rd, Woodstock, MD 21163 

Sugar-glider-rescue-railroad -Directory

www.pgaa.com/maryland.html - Directory

http://www.luckyglider.org/ - Directory  P: 903.482.6026 Dallas Texas

Cheaspeake Exotics - Kathy Roche Annapolis,MD- Kitkaf@juno.com