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Gerard Passet (1936-) Listed artist Wonderful Painting depicts a Farm with pastures, one pasture of empty tilled rows, with the supporting farm house in the distance. 
 Markings: Signed                               Size: 15”X22” with frame 22"x29"  
 Medium: Oil on Canvas                    About The Artist:Passet was born in 1936 in Villeneuve-le-Roi. He was the pupil of Marcel Roch and Goerg and was also the chief of Yves Brayer’s studio at the Grande Chaumiere Academy. He has exhibited in numerous one-man and group shows throughout France and the world. Passet has achieved international recognition through the many prizes, scholarships, and awards he has received during his art career. He is represented in various museums including: The Modern Art Museum of Paris, The Museum Cantini (Marseilles), and The Museum of I’lle de France (Sceaux). The French Government and the City of Paris have also purchased many paintings by Gerard Passet. Passet died on November 17, 2013.
Gallery Value $2,000.00 to $2,500.00
Reference #: 1700-175HM                               $1,750.00

Francis T. Kane (1919-2004) Original Painting  By Francis T Kane- Man and his Horse inside make shift Stables
 Markings: Signed                               Size: 18”X21”   
 Medium: Oil on Board                      About The Artist: born in 1919 in Pennsylvania and a part of the York League of Painters, but I do not know what his current status . owner of and retired commercial artist for Kane Art & Advertising, passed away in South Hilo, Hawaii. 
Gallery Value $1,000.00 to $1,500.00
Reference #: 1830-035HM                               $800.00

Henry John Sylvester Stannard (1870-1951) Listed Artist – A watercolor on paper representing a lone tree on well done landscape, Set in an antique frame of the same period.                    
 Markings: Signed                          Size: 
 Medium: Watercolor                     About The Artist:Henry John Sylvester Stannard was a British visual artist who was born in 1870. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including '2 works: Feeding time - Bedfordshire; Winding Wool' sold at Bonham's Bury St. Edmunds 'The East Anglian View' in 2004 for $14,214. The artist died in 1951. 
Gallery Value $5,000.00 To $7,000.00 
Reference #:  1900-140hm                               $3,500.00

Picture coming soon

Horace Hammond (1846 - 1903) Listed Artist – A watercolor on paper representing a landscape with Girl With her Pony  , signed lower left J. Barclay, British. Early 1900's. Set in an antique frame of the same period.         
 Markings: Signed                            Size: 
 Medium: Watercolor                     About The Artist: J. Barclay was the pseudonym used by Horace Hammond in the early 1900's for his watercolors of country scenes. He was a Birmingham, UK, landscape artist working in the style of Birket Foster. His style was very precise.
Horace Hammond also used the pseudonym A. D. Bell at the request of Arthur Joseph, the Brierly Hill, Birmingham, art dealer for whom he worked. So, in total, the works, biography and auction records of J. Barclay have to be looked-up under three different names to get the full picture of his activity.he was a landscape and genre painter and illustrator.
Gallery Value $1,000.00 To $2,000.00
Reference #: 1902-120hm                               $1,250.00

Picture coming soon

William Thwaites (active 1854-1871) by Listed Artist – A really charming oil on canvas depicting Boat On River with trees in foreground. The painting is quite naive and has a lot of appeal because of it, the detail is lovely   
 Markings: Signed                           Size: 20”X28”- 23”X32” Frame
 Medium: Oil On Canvas               About The Artist:  William H. Thwaites was an engraver*, designer, illustrator, and landscape painter.  He was one of the founders in New York in 1866 of the American Society of Painters in Watercolor*.  He exhibited at the National Academy of Design* in 1854, 1858, and 1860.  He exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association* from 1868 to 1871. The Crayon in November 1856 noted: "Mr. W. H. Thwaites has returned from a tour of study in the White Mountains, and has brought with him a number of carefully studied drawings in watercolors and sepia, heightened with pencil.  Mr. T's ability with watercolors should make his works much sought after as are his designs on wood."
Gallery Value $1,000.00 To $1,400.00
Reference #: 1904-40hm                                 $750.00

Edwin Earp (1851-1945)-Listed Artist – Well done Gouache on Paper Landscape by listed artist depicts Cows grazing on hill overlooking a Near by Lake with mountains in foreground . depicts Cows Near Lake.the detail is lovely   
 Markings: Signed                             Size: 8”X18”- 14”X24” Frame
 Medium: Gouache on Paper              About The Artist:Edwin Earp is believed to be the eldest son of Henry Earp senior, head of a large family of artists. He was perhaps the most prolific of the family and painted across the British Isles and in Europe, with paintings in Scandanavia and Germany just 2 of the areas recorded. He favored landscapes and especially mountainous scenes in Scotland, Wales and the Lake District. His paintings would have found a ready market and are equally popular today. He is also believed to have painted under the pseudonym L Lewis, probably as a result of being contracted to an art dealer or, more likely, a publishing house.
Gallery Value $250.00 To $500.00
Reference #: 1905-50hm                                 $200.00

H. Wilson Smith  (1901-1981) Listed Artist titled Space Probe-colorful abstract done oil on board   Markings: Signed                              Size:  21”X28”-  
 Medium: Oil on Board                        About The Artist: H. Wilson Smith was born in Nebraska on May 7, 1901.  Smith was a resident of Richmond, CA in 1932 and Los Angeles in 1937-38.  He died in San Diego, CA on July 8, 1981. 
Gallery Value $1,250.00 To $2,500.00
Reference #: 1934-002hm                               $900.00

Horace Vernet (French, 1789-1863) -The oil on Canvas MILITARY PAINTING titled Trumpeter's Horse depicts a dead trumpeter on the ground with his horse over him; original framed .
 Markings: Back                             Size:    16”x18” framed 20”x25”
 Medium: Oil On Canvas               About The Artist:Vernet, another famous painter, who was himself a son of Claude Joseph Vernet. He was born in the Paris Louvre, while his parents were staying there during the French Revolution. Vernet quickly developed a disdain for the high-minded seriousness of academic French art influenced by Classicism, and decided to paint subjects taken mostly from contemporary culture. Therefore, he began depicting the French soldier in a more familiar, vernacular manner rather than in an idealized, Dravidian fashion. Some of his paintings that represent French soldiers in a more direct, less idealizing style, include Dog of the Regiment, Trumpeter's Horse, and Death of PoniatowskiGallery Value $20,000.00 to $40,000.00
Reference #: 1940-100hm                               $18,000.00

Theodorus Van Oorschot (1910 - 1989) Oil on canvas by listed artist of well done Landscape shows colorful Buildings
 Markings: Signed                           Size: 24"x36"  
 Medium: Oil Canvas                     About The Artist: He worked mostly in an impressionistic style with mostly the landscape of the bailiwick of 's-Hertogenbosch in the subject line. He painted many still life's. His coloring is what more exuberant than that of the previous Dutch impressionism of the Hague School. until 1972 he lived in a house built studio at the Doctor Poelestraat, near the center of Schijndel. He then moved to the Venus area just west of Schijndel. His old studio there, in a farm, has been used since May 1, 1997 as a museum: the Atelier van Oorschot. The last opening was on Sunday, December 21, 2008. At the corner of the Schootsestraat and Venus Angle is a statue of him. He is pictured with easel. The collection of Dorus van Oorschot, consisting of 160 paintings then got a new place in the Museum Jan Heestershuis also Schijndel. In 2010, there was the occasion of it hundredth birthday a retrospective.
Gallery Value $800 To $1,400.00
Reference #: 1945-00hm                                 $750.00

 Cesar A. Villacres (ECUADORIAN, b. 1880)  Parisian Street Scene Oil Painting 
 Markings: Signed                       Size:   
 Medium: Watercolor                   About The Artist: Villacres was an Ecuadorean artist who worked in South America and Paris.  : Highlighted Work: known for his landscapes.
Gallery Value $15,000.00- $20,000.00
Reference #: 1950-750hm                               $10,250.00

Attributed to Max Liebermann, (1847-1935), German artist, Well done Landscape of Cabin below breathtaking mountains. Can’t identify the artist’s name The painting was done on a Viktoria Maltuch canvas. viktoria skizzentich  1844 that translates to victorian sketches 1844. Schutzmann is the company and Viktoria Maltuch is the trade name for painting canvas. Schutzmann was founded 1844.  During WWII the company was bombed out and the new buildings where built in Herrsching. So the canvas was produced before 1945.   
 Markings: Signed                            Size:   
 Medium: Watercolor                     About The Artist:
Gallery Value $1,000.00- $5,000.00
Reference #: 1953-20hm                                  $1,000.00.

Harry Schaare (1922 - 2008) State Trooper Illustration For Readers Digest 1973 Volume 95-Depicts Police surrounding suspect on open field .
     Markings: Signed                           Size:  25”X35” Frame
 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas            About The Artist: Prolific artist for hard and softcover books (Avon, Harper Paperbacks, Dell, Monarch, Popular Library, Pyramid, Bantam, Signet, Readers Digest, Random House). Magazine work for Saturday Evening Post, Boy's Life, Sports Illustrated, and various men's adventure mags. Schaare was comfortable with just about any subject matter, from noir stories to westerns, romance to suspense. Also called upon for reprints buy famous authors (Rafael Sabatini, Philip K Dick, Richard Henry Dana, Zane Grey, James Fenimore Cooper, Max Brand, Erskine Caldwell). Other projects include box art for Aurora models and F X Schmid puzzles. Most recent work for western, sail, and sports print subjects He even painted the maquette for a "Star Wars" bedspread. Born in Jamaica, NY, in May 1922, he attended New York University School of Architecture, and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1947. He served as pilot in the Air Corp during WWII and has since traveled around the world as artist for the U.S. Air Force. Over twenty five of his artworks are in the United States Air Force art collection
Gallery Value $2,500.00 To $5,500.00
Reference #: 1766-005hm                                 $2,000.00 

Listed Artist – Yoshitoshi Mori –Original Wood Block depicts people carrying cart 
 Markings: Signed                            Size:  11”X15”- 16”X22” Frame
 Medium: Woodblock                     About The Artist:
Gallery Value $1,000.00 To $1,200.00
Reference #: 1943 A-40hm                             $500.00

Listed Artist – Yoshitoshi Mori –Original Wood Block depicts Man in Dragon costume 
 Markings: Signed                            Size:  11”X15”- 16”X22” Frame
 Medium: Woodblock                     About The Artist:
Gallery Value $1,000.00 To $1,200.00
Reference #: 1943B-40hm                             $500.00

Listed  famous artist Guy C. Wiggings-Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962) Lone tree on planes
 Markings: Signed                                      Size:  
 Medium: Oil Paper                                    About The Artist: Guy C. Wiggins was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883 and then traveled to England with his family as a boy where he received his early education.  He was the son of Carleton Wiggins, an American painter in the Barbizon style who studied with George Inness and admired Anton Mauve and Dwight Tryon. The Wiggins family had been early and regular visitors to the Old Lyme Colony, and by 1915 Carlton Wiggins had settled in Lyme permanently. He became active in the Lyme Art Association and in the social life of Old Lyme. Carleton Wiggins' palette had brightened under the influence of Old Lyme Impressionism, but in general his work remained tonal and his subjects were truly pastoral, his paintings often of sheep in a meadow. Conversely, his son Guy Wiggins studied with artists in the Old Lyme Colony who were developing their own style of Impressionism, combining both French traditions and emerging American techniques.  He became strongly attracted to Impressionism and stayed with it long after it was considered outmoded and in 1920, he and his family also decided to settle in Lyme.  They remained there for the next twenty years when they relocated to Essex.  Earlier, after returning to America in the 1890s, Guy Wiggins first studied architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, and then later transferred to the National Academy of Design, where he would study painting, first under William Merritt Chase and later under Robert Henri. He developed a life-long relationship with the National Academy.Wiggins became extremely successful early in his career. At the age of twenty, he was the youngest artist to have a work in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was elected to full membership in the National Academy of Design in 1919 and had already begun to receive many awards, such as the prestigious Norman Wait Harris Bronze Medal from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1917. Throughout his life, his list of prizes continued to grow. He died while on vacation in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1962 and is buried in Old Lyme. People who knew him still talk about him as "the ebullient Wiggins." His artistic reputation surpasses both that of his father and of his son.
Gallery Value $10,000.00 to $200,000.00
Twr\Catalog # 1939-00hm                                 $10,000.00

Listed Artist – Denton Rivers  - Lazy River Fishing            
 Markings: Signed                           Size: 7”X9”- 12”X16” Frame
 Medium: Oil On Board                  About The Artist:
Gallery Value $1,000.00 To $2,000.00
Twr\Catalog # 1906-150hm                               $700.00

Listed Artist – Hermann Gustav Hamann  (Born 1868)
 Markings: Signed                                  Size:  10”X13”- 15”X17” Frame
 Medium: Water Color /Gouache Paper  About The Artist:
Gallery Value $600.00 To $1,000.00
Twr\Catalog # 1908-40hm                                 $300.00

Frances S Dohny (1862 - 1935) Floral Oil Painting
 Markings: Signed                       Size: 8”X10”- 19”X21” Frame
 Medium: Oil On Canvas              About The Artist: Frances S. Dohny (1862-1935) Artist. Born in California in 1862. A widow, Dohny was a resident of San Francisco by 1910. She died there on March 25, 1935. Gallery Value $200.00- 700.00
Twr\Catalog # 1910-10hm                                  $150.00

Listed Artist  Y. Gianni (20th century Italian painter) Beautiful Italian Landscape Scene  Painting By In Titled and dated on Back  - The Gardens of the Villa D'este at Tivoli , April 24 1851 Musée Du Louvre, Paris, France  original gouache painting on paper . This painting depicts a Neapolitan seascape with figures looking across the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the distance 
 Markings: Signed                               Size:   
 Medium: Watercolor                        About The Artist:
Gallery Value $500.00-$1,200.00
Reference #: 1948-00hm                                 $450.00

Ludwig Minnigerode (Austrian, 1847-1900) Depicts Man Proposing to Woman with the dog watching. On the back a tag has signature and title. In pencil looks like a Date 4/82 – 1882 Titles: Declaration Of Love
 Markings: Signed                                       Size: 4 x 5.2 in. 
 Medium: Oil on Panel -                             About The Artist: prolific artist held many exhibitions and was one of the teachers of Gustav Klimt
Gallery Value $1,000.00- $5,000.00
Reference #: 1954-40hm                                 $1,000.00

Naoko Matsubara ((松原 直子, born 1937 in Tokushima) is a Japanese Listed Artist – A watercolor on paper representing a lone tree on well done landscape, Set in an antique frame of the same period.       
 Markings: Signed                                      Size:   
 Medium: Watercolor                     About The Artist: Matsubara graduated from the Kyoto University of Applied Arts in 1960. She then pursued an MFA in the School of Fine Arts at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on a Fulbright Travel Grant, and since then has traveled extensively and taught at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn—a rare distinction for a Japanese woman. She also studied one year at the Royal College of Art, London. Currently she lives and works in Oakville, Canada. Naoko Matsubara’s father was the chief priest in a Shinto shrine in Kyoto. Shrines and temples became one of the major themes of Matsubara’s works. Naoko Matsubara’s style is influenced by her teacher Munakata Shiko (1903–1975), who worked in the mingei (folk art) tradition. Her works are part of the collections of many museums around the world such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Chicago Art Institute, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Albertina in Vienna, the British Museum in London, the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress in Washington. Naoko Matsubara's sister is the novelist Hisako Matsubara, they collaborated on the publication of Japanese tale Taketori Monogatari in German. Naoko did the illustrations, while her sister did the actual translation and the commentary.
Gallery Value $800.00 -$2,200.00
Reference #: 1949-010hm                               $700.00

Victor Schivert  (1863 - 1926) Listed artist OF Romanian, oil on canvas depicts family sharing stories at Thanksgiving :  Markings: Signed        Size: 18”X24”- 25”X30” Frame
 Medium: Oil on Canvas                      About The Artist:Victor Schivert was a Romanian painter who was born in 1863. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Female Nude Sitting' sold at Dorotheum '19th Century Paintings & Watercolours' in 2010 for $7,465. The artist died in 1926.  
Gallery Value $1,250.00 To $7,500.00
Reference #: 1922-002hm                               $4,000.00
 -Picture coming soon

 Thom Ripple (1961-)- Well done Painting on Canvas Landscape depicts sugar glider in a tree. the detailing is lovely   
 Markings: Signed                          Size: 18”X24”- 25”X30” Frame
 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas            About The Artist: Thom Ripple Born 1961, Houston Texas. Spent his formative years in Texas, then later settling in  Baltimore Maryland. Largely self-taught, Thom enjoys the isolation that accompanies the artist’s lifestyle. Working in different mediums keeps his work fresh and interesting. 
Gallery Value $500.00 To $2,500.00
Reference #: 1756-005hm                                 $2,000.00 ( sold on EBTH $1,300.00-2016)

Original Romer Shawhan (1888-1970) abstracts signed dated 1962 -$2,400.00

**Listed artist -Architect, Aviator, Author, Artist

He is the Son of Ada ROMER, (1865-1947). Portrait and still lite painter. Born in San Francisco on March 20, 1893. Shawhan was a member of a pioneer family whose father arrived in the Gold Rush. Her most famous work was a large canvas of the heads of 40 painters, writers and musicians who were her contemporaries before 1906. She died at her daughter's home in Oakland in 1947.  
Markings: Signed Lower right corner 

Size: 12"x16"      Medium: Oil on Board
Condition: Good condition;
About the Artist: Born Jul. 29, 1888 Pasadena Los Angeles California,  Death: Jun., 1970 Mount Vernon Westchester County New York,  
ROMER SHAWHAN.  He was a Lieutenant and fighter pilot in the Air Service in WW 1 (August 4, 1917-February 13, 1918) and a Captain and Assistant Operations Officer on the staff of Gen. William "Billie" Mitchell. He was awarded the Pershing Army Citation, the Croix de Guere, and the Distinguished Service Medal. He also served in served in WW 2, (December 19, 1940-October 27, 1945), as a pilot in the 147th Aero Squadron. He was discharged as a Lt. Col. U.S.A.F. in August 1945 from Wright-Patterson AFB. He was a graduate of Columbia University School of Architecture, and l'Ecole des beaux Arts in Paris. He was a supervising architect and district manager of the PWA Housing Program in New York City. He had numerous exhibits of his "expressionistic paintings" in New York. He married his "childhood sweetheart" Zayda Justine Zabriskie in New York City, in May, 1936  
ROMER SHAWHAN, World War I flyer in America's First Pursuit Group and Assistant Operations Officer on the staff of the late William ("Billy") Mitchell, A.E.F., and a Lt. Colonel in the Army Air Force during World War II, likes to think that the letter "A" symbolizes many facets of his colorful career. His art exhibition sponsored by the Art Department of the Bronxville Women's Club stamps him unmistakably as an artist of great sensitivity and gives still another meaning to the letter "A" in addition to those of architect, aviator, author and advertising executive. Mr. Shawhan's paintings, depicting abstract fantasies in a variety of media, will seem very new in approach against a background of contemporary art expression, but, in effect, they bridge a gap in his life of almost 50 years to a similar period of art activity while studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. At that time, Mr. Shawhan developed an impressionistic technique which was, of course, contemporary to his time. Apparently, he has never lost the facility which made those earlier paintings so acceptable. Currently, his work exhibits a delightful and fantastic--almost playful--foray into the world of imagination. His subject matter is almost indefinable, yet with the same magical quality for picture creation which we have all experienced when looking into the dancing flames of a fireplace late in the evening. As abstractions, the paintings, exhibit a fine sense of color and extraordinary design capabilities. They frequently move slightly in the direction of representation but never so strongly that two people looking at the same picture might not enjoy several different concepts of the artist's intention. These are pictures to be enjoyed. They express art with a sense of humor. They seem to say let's have good lime and enjoy ourselves without attempting to solve the problems of the world with various media on paper or canvas. Commenting on the "meaning" behind his paintings, Mr. Shawhan has this to say: ''My paintings are not ‘message’ pictures. There is no effort to disassemble established art forms nor is there any effort to originate a new art form. The personal joy I derive from color and line and form and the proper combination of these into what I like think are delightful compositions, is the whole of my story. These paintings are playful and, I hope, happy. At most, they may express the kind of exhilaration even the most sophisticated of US can derive from the lilting airs of it Strauss waltz."
TWR\Catalog # 1723-DE                                            $1,400.00 (SOLD)